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Who says you can't find love at Starbuck's? We did! It had to be true love because we both were drinking tea in a coffee shop. We we're sitting at a table with mutual business partners discussing an upcoming feature film in the heart of Hollywood, CA. Then across the table we noticed that the other was wearing a ruby and diamond ring. Bling bling! Ruby is the birth stone for July babies. This was moving fast. Two artists, both single, drinking tea, who share July as their birthday month? The attraction was there but the work took precedence. After three months of production we took time out to build a friendship…and the rest is history!

Married in 2010, we know the real meaning of mixing business with pleasure…and we love it! Creating, writing, producing, directing and co-starring in seven projects in four years, we are a young couple on a roll and we don't plan on slowing down anytime soon.

The Q&A Show is a dream come true. In the fall of 2011, we presented a trailer of The Q&A Show to Jeff Friday, (CEO Film Life, Inc.) and he loved it so much that Film Life picked up the show and we immediately went into production in Los Angeles. By February 2012, season one was in the can.

We had the pleasure of working with some of the most talented actors in the industry. With a diverse cast of stand-up comedians and improv kings and queens who brought their skills, passion and comedic flair to The Q&A Show we aspire to connect to a wide audience and deliver a new, fresh and fun series that will surely entertain!

-Quin Walters & Addison Henderson
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Executive Producers Nicole and Jeff Friday introduce The Q&A Show: a sketch comedy web series created by and starring husband and wife team, Quin Walters and Addison Henderson.

Spoofing pop culture celebrities, athletes, political figures and introducing original characters, this edgy show brings new talent to the screen while pushing the envelope with its racy humor and situational satire. The Q&A Show promises to deliver unpredictable and outlandish sketches that don't spare the sensitive and easily offended.

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